Rooms – choice and adjustment. Required infrastructure

Rooms – choice and adjustment. Required infrastructure

While choosing the location of the i-Lab some factors should be taken into consideration. The place used for the i-Lab sessions should comprise of two spaces: the first one is dedicated to the work, training, and cooperation. The second one refers to the relaxation. The working area should be equipped in facilities supporting the working process including computers, furniture (desks/tables and chairs, blackboards, notebooks pens and pencils). The relaxation zone should be equipped with comfortable furniture like sofas and armchairs. The design, light, and sound are an important aspect of i-Lab which should also provide drink and snack facilities. The whole space should be easy to access and simple to move. It should provide the feeling of privacy as well as an opportunity for team work. Participants should feel free and safe in a cosy and stimulating entourage.


The key element of the i-Lab design is the door which symbolizes the entrance to “new creative reality”. The location of the rooms should give the possibility of such arrangements.

Group size / number of participants

The i-Lab group should consists of 8 to 20 persons. Looking for the rooms to adjust them to i-Lab requirements we should find the place to give the space for such a group.

Location in the building

The location should guarantee the easy access to the lavatories. Since the sessions could last hours the participant should have the possibility to use it without bigger interruption in the session.

The quiet surrounding should offer good atmosphere for the work. Having the quiet place we can avoid spending money for soundproof materials.

Location should have an easy access for people with disabilities.

Reorganizing the space

The rooms should be arranged in a way which gives the possibility to divide it into smaller spaces. The furniture should be easy to rearrange in reference to a group profile, work technics and goals that we would like to achieve. Using light sliding doors and moving pieces of furniture can be a good solution.


The design of the room should give extraordinary and pleasant atmosphere. During designing one should avoid schemes similar to the standard class or office. The whole design should differ from the commonly known arrangements. Using colours and stimulating accessories is a good solution. The whole design should be harmonized, easy to understand, and consistent. It should visualize a story or situation.

Examples: Nautical Scene, Forest, Alice in the Wonderland, Toy Story, Factory, Airplane, Village, Countryside, Spaceship

Needed equipment

    • Furniture

The chairs and tables should be movable in order to provide a possibility to rearrangements. E.g Conference Style or Banquet Style

There also should be a possibility to set the computer screens in a way to guarantee the privacy – no peering by the others.

    • Technology

Computers arranged in network with the VBS software are the crucial element of the i-Lab. The access to the computers should be easy also for the people with physical disabilities. Location of workstations should provide the comfort for work. Since the VBS software is based on the remote server the internet access is necessary. The internet bandwidth shouldn’t be lower than 2 Mb/s.

The idea of i-Lab arrangements is based on the “idea of a change” as a key for creativity. That’s why using portable laptops helps in rearrangements. For the same reasons using WiFi instead of wired network is a good strategy.

Apart from the computer screen there should be a big LCD projector or a monitor to give an option to project video materials for the whole group of participants.

The network printer available for each workstation should be on the spot. Some other facilities like scanners or photocopy machines would make the i-Lab session easier and more efficient.

    • Sound

The music or voices of the nature is a vital element of i-Lab strategy. It can be used as an inspiration during the work or a chillout time in the relaxation zone. The i-Lab equipment should give the possibility to play music as well as to record.

    • Light

The daylight is always good for human mental health. However, there should be an option to use more than one kind of light in the Innovative Laboratory. On the one hand light should be strong enough to provide comfortable work but on the other hand it should offer the light appropriate for the relaxation. The option of dimming the light in case of film/picture projection seems to be a good idea as well as synchronizing the music with the light.

  • Gadgets and facilities

Various kinds of stimulators triggering the creativity process would make the i-Lab sessions more dynamic and effective. Filling the Laboratory with inexpensive gadgets could broaden the users imagination and make the whole process more effective. Here are some examples of gadgets which we use in our i-Lab:


  • Catering

    Planning a session we shall remember about catering. Since session last couple of hours we should offer lunch for participants. The dinning can take place in the i-Lab relaxing zone or in the cantina if it’s located in short distance from the i-Lab.